About me


I am a General Hypnotherapy Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist practising hypnotherapy in the York and North Yorkshire area.

Originally from Newcastle, I moved to York in 1987.  I began training to become a counsellor in 1999, completing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling in 2003 at the University of York St John.

In 2007 I began training to become an EMDR therapist, qualifying in 2008 and achieving Accreditation status with EMDR Europe in January 2012.

See my website www.dawnlilburcounselling.co.uk for further details.


I understand how frustrating it can be to feel and behave in ways that you feel powerless to change e.g. comfort eating, lacking motivation/self-confidence, experiencing phobias, anxiety, etc.

I have always been intrigued by the concept of being able to “by-pass” the conscious brain and being able to gain access to the unconscious brain in order to make lasting change (see my page What is hypnotherapy.)

I have a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, a Certificate in NLP, a Diploma in Smoking Cessation and training in working with infertility.

It is my aim to offer my client’s a great deal of choice and options of how to work drawing on all of my skills and experience to offer an approach which will best suit their needs.