Anger can have negative connotations and be looked on as something we “shouldn’t” feel, something we “should” feel ashamed of.  But there are positive and negative aspects of anger.

Anger can be a normal healthy emotion. Anger can bring us energy and adrenaline which we can use in a positive way.

Supressed or “archaic” anger can make us feel overwhelmed. Anger can become a problem when it feels unmanageable or uncontrollable. Supressed anger from the past can be triggered by something from the present.

When we are unaware that the past is impacting on the present we can feel powerless to control our anger and feel shocked and confused at its intensity.

I will work with you to identify the origin of the anger and to help you to develop new ways of thinking and of dealing with your emotions, using hypnotherapy to communicate directly with your unconscious

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