What is hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be helpful when your conscious brain is not in agreement with your subconscious brain. For example you know the spider in the bath cannot hurt you, but your subconscious brain tells you to be scared, not to touch it, you might even need to leave the room.

Explanation for hypnosisIf you aren’t scared of spiders can you think of something else that might have a similar effect on you?

If what you know is different from what you feel, chances are the feelings will win.

Hypnotherapy works towards getting the conscious and unconscious brain to agree.

Have you ever done meditation, mindfulness or guided imagery? These exercises help you to narrow your focus, taking your attention to your body and your breath.  Hypnotherapy also works to narrow your focus by taking you into a trance state.  Once there you are more able to address the issues which you would like to work on.

There are many ways of taking someone into trance. One of the ways I do this is with relaxation. Once you are relaxed you are more susceptible to any suggestions. These suggestions will be ones that we have agreed on prior to this and not something that I have decided would be useful for you.

Think of a time when you have seen an advert on TV, or heard an advert on the radio or the internet which has stuck in your mind. Sooner or later you might see the product advertised in a shop, or you may have gone out actively seeking this product, either way you will probably end up buying the product.

Hypnotherapy presents an engaging idea to the unconscious mind enabling you to accept new thoughts and behaviours to replace the unwanted ones.

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