IVF Mind-body Preparation

Coping with difficulty conceiving can make us feel powerless.  It can change how we think and feel about ourselves, our significant others and our lives in general.  Plans made for the future can feel as if they are potentially no longer possible.

Living with uncertainty can be stressful, anxiety provoking and can cause depression.

Coping strategies which have worked previously may feel ineffective, perhaps at best at an all-time low.

Stress and anxiety can impact heavily on the outcome of IVF treatment, making the body less responsive to IVF procedures.  Research has shown that certain stress hormones can be negatively associated with the production of “good quality” embryos (Li et al’s (2011.)

Research has proven that increasing our coping skills can impact positively on fertility and psychosocial intervention can lower depression and anxiety.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression and help to build on and strengthen your coping strategies and resources.

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