Lack of motivation/Low self esteem

Everyone experiences a lack of motivation from time to time, but does not cause us too much of a problem as long as it is time limited and does not occur too often.

Continuing and repeating patterns of experiencing a lack of motivation can occur for a number of reasons e.g. if you are suffering from depression, low self-esteem, fear of failure etc.

Perhaps you have got into a really good exercise routine at the gym and then something happens. You miss going once and then you suddenly find yourself thinking of reasons why you can’t go next time and before you know you have stopped going completely.

Rationally you might know that going to the gym made you feel fit and healthy. You might feel guilty, fed up, or confused, knowing that you are undermining yourself, but still feeling unable to do anything about it.

Rationally it probably makes no sense that you repeat self- defeating patterns of behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can help you to identify and address the root cause of the lack of motivation.


Low self- esteem prevents us from realising or achieving our full potential. It can give us a negative view of life, and of ourselves.

Low self-esteem can be built up over a lifetime. Consciously or unconsciously, we may have taken on board negative things that we have heard said about ourselves, probably by significant people in our lives. Those negative messages can then go on to form our core beliefs about ourselves.

Or we might have been subjected to repeated criticism later in life which has altered how we think about ourselves. If you are told enough times that you are not good enough, eventually you will start to believe it.

Using hypnotherapy we would work towards overcoming and replacing any past or more recent negative programming, with more positive and accepting thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

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