Stopping Smoking

Habits are formed by repetition e.g. if I asked you to recite the alphabet, I am guessing you could do this quite easily? This is because you have repeated it time and time again as a child. You have repeated it so many times that you no longer even need to think about it in order to recite it. It has become a habit, a conscious process which has become an unconscious process.

You can’t get addicted to a behaviour, but you can get addicted to the feeling a habit gives e.g. shopping – the buzz of buying something new. In the case of smoking the whole behaviour surrounding it has become a ritual which is associated with feelings of relaxation. In the case of smoking we can become not only addicted to nicotine, but the feelings of relaxation or distressing we associate with smoking. It becomes a habit of need.

The conscious mind may not want to stop because it believes that smoking serves a purpose. This is why we use hypnotherapy to suggest to the unconscious mind that it no longer needs to smoke and that relaxation for example is easily achieved in other ways.  Our work together will help you to develop new ways of achieving relaxation, de-stressing or whatever it is you need in order to become a non-smoker.

We would meet for an assessment session lasting for 1 and a half hours.  During this time I will be asking you lots of questions that will enable me to deliver a personalised script in the follow up session which will last for an hour.

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