Weight Loss

Weight gain can occur at various stages of our life e.g. as we get older, becoming parents, lifestyle changes etc.

It is so easy to lose motivation and to feel that it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, your goals seem out of reach.

Hypnotherapy can help to provide the motivation you need to work towards your goals. Hypnotherapy works to identify hidden patterns thoughts or behaviours e.g. why you are eating when you aren’t hungry.

Once we understand why we do something we are much more able to begin to alter the behaviour/thoughts e.g. understanding why you eat when you aren’t hungry. Hypnosis works toward re-educating your unconscious mind and re-programming old attitudes and beliefs about eating.

When you are in trance state your unconscious mind is much more susceptible to receive suggestions that can become a natural part of new more healthy thoughts and behaviours and eating habits.

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